We love startups!

For us, there's nothing more exciting than beginnings. Whether you have a working prototype or just an idea, we want to help you get to your next stage: users, traction, Series A, etc. We do "all things technical" for early-stage startups: development, architecture, technical operations, and 24/7 support.

Stop searching, start doing.

Many great companies never get started for the lack of a Technical Co-Founder. A few years ago, such a person was a necessity, but we think those days have past. The problem is that the person you need at the beginning isn't the person you need later, and one way or another you're accruing a ton of technical (or real) debt along the way.  We believe there's a better way. From the beginning, your application needs great architecture on the right platform, but it also needs to be built as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Because our CTO is also your CTO, you get experienced, skilled design of your product. But unlike a technical co-founder, you don't give away your equity and you pay only for what you really need.

Spend your development dollars on development

The fist year of a startup can be one of the most exciting (and stressful) times in the life of an entrepreneur. Every dollar counts.  There will come a time when you have enough revenue (or VC money) for a trendy Pearl Street office, a game room, and a kegerator.  Until then, your money should be going into your product.  We run our shop the same way.  We have a highly skilled, distributed team in co-working spaces, coffee shops, and home offices. We keep our overhead as low as possible, so that every dollar you spend goes directly into your product.  We deliver high-quality, test-driven code that is designed from the beginning with the intent of handing it off to your own developers when you grow.

Build it right the first time

We started our company building software for the public safety marketplace, and bring that level of commitment to every project. Your customer may not be calling an ambulance, but if they can't reach your application, they won't be a customer. We'll design your infrastructure so that you can start inexpensively, but be ready to scale to millions of transactions per second and 99.999% reliability.