Development and Technical Operations for Startups

We love startups!

For us, there's nothing more exciting than beginnings. Whether you have a working prototype or just an idea, we want to help you get to your next stage: users, traction, Series A, etc. We can do all things technical for early-stage startups: development, infrastructure, networking, and launch help.

We work like you do.

We're startup people ourselves, so 'lean' and 'agile' aren't just buzzwords, they are how we work every day. We are excited to help you get to your next step, whether that's teasing out an idea with a landing page, or delivering a fully-functional application to get your first 10,000 users.

The '9-1-1' in our name is no accident.

We started out building applications for 9-1-1. No matter what your business stage, your application needs to work reliably for every demo and early adopter. We value testing, best-practices, and scalable architecture in every application.


Our CTO is your CTO!

The decisions you make today can have a huge impact on the future. As an early-stage startup, there's no question that you're going to have to cut corners. Daniel's extensive experience in building both minimally viable products and large distributed systems will ensure that you incur the least amount of techincal debt possible.

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